Migration to new staking contract- Immediate Action Required

The fact that people have still not migrated their LP tokens from the old staking contract is delaying the launch of the new staking contract. If your wallet is listed in the attached document, you must migrate your tokens immediately as you are holding up the project from deploying the new contract.

Thanks to the bug bounty and the community members making us aware of some changes, we have had to make final changes to the staking contract. The good news is we have an amazing community that has been able to identify these bugs for us. However, as we promised never to push out code without being audited, the expected go-live date has been pushed back by 3–4 days from Monday as the auditors need to complete their report with the changes in mind.

Migrating is active! Please have a look at this spreadsheet if you participated in either LGE. This is a list of the remaining addresses that need to migrate over for staking.

If your address has not claimed and staked the LP tokens you must first claim and stake your LP tokens before migrating.

If you see your wallet address, migrate as soon as possible.

In order to migrate follow these instructions.

1. Open Google Chrome and activate/login to Metamask

2. Visit sheesha.finance on a desktop/laptop

3. Click on either the “LGE (ETH) tab or the “LGE (BNB) tab, or both if you contributed to both.

4. If you have not claimed and staked your tokens, do so at this step.

5. At the very top of the page there will be two buttons “Approve” and Migrate”

6. Press “Approve” first and confirm the transaction

7. Press “Migrate” next then confirm the transaction

8. The “Migrate” transaction may say “Emergency Withdrawal”, do not panic, this is OK.

9. You are all done migrating to the new contract once you complete these steps.

10. Nothing to do now until wait for further updates on May 3.