We are a team of DeFi experts who believe that many projects in the space do not provide full transparency and may not have the highest integrity. The team at Sheesha Finance is inspired to bring a powerful DeFi platform to the industry, one that is trusted, well-funded, and heavily supported by a strong community. We are here for the long haul and, as such, will be rolling out our implementation in phases to ensure everything is correct and safe for our users!‌

Participating in Sheesha Finance is a straightforward approach known as a liquidity generation event. This event allows…

Partnership Announcement

DeFi11 is partnering with Sheesha Finance to help bring decentralization to the $750 billion virtual gaming industry. Investors who are staking SHEESHA on the Sheesha Finance platform will be eligible to receive DeFi11 project tokens as part of our partner project token distribution rewards program.

Sheesha Finance has the aim of making it easy for you to diversity your investment portfolio simply by staking SHEESHA tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform. There are no whitelists, no lotteries, and definitely no waiting lists to receive partner token rewards. …

Partnership announcement

Sheesha Finance is at the forefront of investing in the global adoption of DeFi.

Sheesha Finance supports new projects in two main ways: through token swaps of our high-liquidity SHEESHA tokens, and partnering with projects to ensure they have access to all the resources and support they need to succeed.

Whether it is development, marketing, legal or VC support our partner projects are seeking, Sheesha Finance is building strong global networks to ensure that all partner projects have the best resources available.

Sheesha Finance is glad to announce our partnership with Tikivation (, an investment and consultancy firm working with…

Partnership Announcement

Budding CBD entrepreneurs now have a strategically crafted blockchain platform to help them make an impact in the ever-growing CBD industry with Cannumo.

Sheesha Finance welcomes Cannumo to its partnership project ecosystem, with tokens from the Cannumo token launch set for distribution to Sheesha Finance investors who are staking their SHEESHA tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform.

Sheesha Finance supports early state pre-IDO projects with ecosystem support and token swaps with our highly liquid SHEESHA token, so that founders of promising blockchain projects can get support doing what they do best — developing top-notch, industry-disrupting tokenization projects.

Projects benefit from…

Latest News

The DeFi world is moving at lightning speed and Sheesha is no exception.

Since raising almost $10 million during our funding round in March 2021, Sheesha Finance has rapidly grown our ecosystem, partnering with various top-tier blockchain projects spanning DeFi, banking, education, gaming, and more.

Our team is growing, our partnerships are growing and we are getting set to announce our first partner token distribution launches. Here’s a glimpse into our most recent happenings and news.

Partners Recap

Recent partners include EQIFI, Plasma Finance, Royale Finance, Blockchain Australia, Splinterlands and Mercor Finance. In addition, with a common goal of transparency and integrity in DeFi, Sheesha’s advisory board includes the founding partner of Galaxy Digital and…

Community Update

It’s been 24 hours since the official launch of the Sheesha Finance Blockfolio campaign. It’s time for you, our community, to shower some love on your favourite #Sheesha. Upvote & Comment for Sheesha on Blockfolio.

We need *all* your votes on Blockfolio. If there is one major strength in the Sheesha Finance community, it is your vocal support for progressive projects in the DeFi space.

Vote ERC20:

Vote BSC:

Voting is so simple — just click the upvote icon!

Staking Rewards

Starting in early Q3 2021, and following the smart contract auditing underway, partner project tokens will be distributed every block via smart contracts to the wallets staking SHEESHA & LP tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform.

Partnership Announcement

When you experience an iconic, barrier-breaking moment in sporting history as a spectator, the thrill stays with you forever so imagine taking that to a whole new level through the power of NFTs.

SportsIcon ( works directly with sporting legends to turn their careers and legacies into NFTs through cinematic quality, athlete-curated, limited edition digital collectibles.

For the first time in history, you can own part of your SportsIcon’s story forever, or trade it and some of the NFTs have inbuilt rewards such as insider-only access to your stars, signed memorabilia, Zoom calls, and even one-on-one meet and greets.

DeFI and Sports NFT


Why Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is building the decentralized infrastructure that allows anyone to be a VC, incubate projects, and invest in DeFi’s future. With Sheesha Finance, even retail investors can reap the benefits of being a distributed, high-powered VC to early-stage DeFi projects.

Be rewarded with the world’s most sought after projects

Once you start in the crypto space, there is no limit to how many different flavours of crypto you want to experience and own.

The best rewards are made when you invest in early-stage projects. …

The fact that people have still not migrated their LP tokens from the old staking contract is delaying the launch of the new staking contract. If your wallet is listed in the attached document, you must migrate your tokens immediately as you are holding up the project from deploying the new contract.

Thanks to the bug bounty and the community members making us aware of some changes, we have had to make final changes to the staking contract. The good news is we have an amazing community that has been able to identify these bugs for us. However, as we promised never to push out code without being audited, the expected go-live date has been pushed back by 3–4 days from Monday as the auditors need to complete their report with the changes in mind.

Migrating is active! Please have a look at this spreadsheet if you participated in either LGE. …

Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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